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In his latest book, Corner Office Rules: The 10 Realities of Executive Life, (Kandelle Publishing) Keith shows you not only how to reach the top of the corporate ladder, but how the rules change once you’ve gotten there. A 30-year corporate veteran, Keith knows from hard experience that everything is different when you become senior management. In Corner Office Rules he draws on his experience as a successful CEO who has turned around companies and led them to growth. Using real-world examples, he shows not only what to do to succeed at the top, but how to avoid the pitfalls that can cause even the savviest and most experienced executives to stumble once they reach the corner office.

Innovatively, Rules from the Corner Office takes a 360° view of what it takes to succeed when you’ve reached the top. The first half of draws on the practical experience of Keith’s years as a successful CEO, while the second half provides deep, holistic insights by his co-author, Dr. Renee Bellamy Booth, founder of Leadership Solutions, one of the leading career and management groups in the country. In Corner Office Rules you’ll learn:

  • What Made You Successful Then Will Not Make You Successful Now – It’s a Different Ball Game at the Top
  • You Don’t Know Everything – Using Your Team to Help You Learn What Don’t Know
  • Criticism Will Be More Intense – Get a Thick Skin
  • You’re Not Alone but at Times You Will Feel Like It – Cultivate Your Inner Circle
  • The Perception Gap Widens – See Yourself as Others See You
  • Your Values Will Be Put to the Test – Being Yourself versus Being a Leader
  • Embrace Constructive Conflict – Driving Innovation, Creativity, and Results
  • Reputation Is Everything – You Are Always On The Clock
  • The Company Can’t Love You Back – So Get a Life
  • When Your Time Is Up – Knowing When to Leave The Party

Whether you’re aspiring to reach the top, or have been there for years, Corner Office Rules is a must-read for every executive.

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