Are you ready to step up to senior leadership? The realities of executive life can be sobering if you aren’t prepared for them. How you achieve results, how you’re perceived, what’s expected of you, even who your friends are—nothing is the same as when you were in the middle ranks. A 30-year corporate veteran and results-driven CEO, Keith Wyche will open the door to the corner office to introduce you to the previously hidden world of the C-suite, and show you how to master the realities that every top executive must face, including:

  • What made you successful before won’t work now. Keith will teach you the skill set every outstanding senior executive needs.
  • Constructive conflict isn’t bad, it’s how things get decided. Keith will give you his deep insights into how to work C-suite politics, and effectively channel conflict so that it positions you and your organization for success.
  • Tough decisions are a part of an executive’s reality. Keith will show you how to make the hard calls, even when they challenge your personal values or relationships.

Keith shares real-world examples and insights from his own career and others’, in an entertaining, no-nonsense and witty presentation that proves your authentic personality is the best tool you have. This popular new keynote outlines what have always remained unspoken Corner Office Rules and explores practical strategies and solutions you can use to succeed in the most challenging roles of your career.

Ideal Audience

  • Executives and experienced senior managers.
  • High-potential mid-level managers and others who are being groomed for senior leadership.

Supplementary Material

We recommend that all attendees read Keith’s new book, Corner Office Rules: The 10 Realities of Executive Life. (Discounts are available for bulk orders.)


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