Moving up the ranks of any profession requires much more than having the right degrees and fulfilling your job description. You must know “the unwritten rules” to success. During this session, Keith empowers professionals to see themselves through the same lens from which their stakeholders and executive decision makers view them.

Known for his “straight-shooter” wit, Keith shares anecdotes and insights from his and his colleagues' journeys up the corporate ladder to provide real-world strategies for career advancement. More than an industry consultant or a coach, Keith Wyche has the perspective of a “boot-strap” corporate executive who worked his way up to the CEO position at a $3 billion grocery chain, where he led 11,000 associates working across 113 grocery stories and pharmacies. The practical advice, tools and tips Keith provides eliminate the maze that can confine you to middle management.

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Master the must-have leadership skills to power your performance and deliver results.
  • Define and build your personal brand for excellence to break yourself out of the pack.
  • More effectively engage with peers and senior management.
  • Prove you’re a responsible, accountable professional who is ready to step-up.
  • Create an effective Action Plan that works in the real world and keeps you on track to attain your goals and fulfill your potential.

Giving you the real-world rules of corporate life, and equipping you with practical takeaways, Keith will help you achieve the success you want, for both yourself and your organization.

Ideal Audience

  • Individuals who have been working for more than five years and are stuck in their current position, or haven’t yet reached their career goals.
  • Individuals who have been passed over for promotions and don’t understand why.

Additional Information

This presentation is available as a keynote and/or as a half-day workshop or as a fireside chat. (Workbooks are available for the workshop.)

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