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As a dynamic keynote speaker, Keith has also been tapped to deliver his messages through lively panel discussions and intimate fireside chats.



  • Nicholas Dryer/HR Manager
    Thank you for a fantastic presentation yesterday! I wanted to share a few quotes and phrases from attendees I spoke with after the event: “Impactful” “Life-Changing” “Tremendous” “Eye-opening” “Keith was so relatable and inspiring.” “I’m going home to do my own personal PEP evaluation!”
    Nicholas Dryer/HR Manager
    Enterprise Holdings
  • Director of Risk and Compliance
    I immensely enjoyed both your presentations at the Evanta Boston event! Your presentation style is a mix of inspirational, entertaining, educational, and accessible. I hope I get to learn from you again soon!
    Director of Risk and Compliance
    Cengage Work
  • Northrop Grumman Corporation
    Once again, thank you for the excellent presentation on 'Good Is Not Enough' … Many in attendance spoke highly of the presentation. Please let me know when your next book becomes available: you've already sold the first copy!
    Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Rev. Dr. Pablo R. Diaz
    Keith Wyche’s training on change and transition was excellent. He was well prepared and knowledgeable of the issues in our industry, establishing immediate credibility with our team. Keith is an effective communicator that incorporates his knowledge, experience and insight into his presentation and discussion. He is transparent about his successes and failures in business, helping people connect with him as a person and business leader. Keith laid the ground work for our team to think and work toward change with a new perspective and great confidence.
    Rev. Dr. Pablo R. Diaz
  • Dale G. Kramer, Director, MBA
    Keith brought a significant level of energy and an engaging communication style that resonated with our MBA students. His talk was motivating and triggered active involvement of the audience due to his pragmatic real world approach. We received very positive feedback from our students about Keith’s visit to campus.
    Dale G. Kramer, Director, MBA
    Baldwin Wallace University
  • Michelle "Mitch" Shepard, Founder
    Keith rocked it!
    Michelle "Mitch" Shepard, Founder
    WiRL Leadership Summit
  • National Black MBA Association
    This is one of the best workshops I have attended. [Keith] kept it real, gave us food for thought and made me understand how to get ahead. Brilliant session!!!!!
    National Black MBA Association
  • Robbie Terry
    If it were not for the counsel and coaching of Keith Wyche... I would not have excelled to the level of excellence and realized the success and personal achievement I currently enjoy. He challenged me to "be fearless… roll up your sleeves and show them what you are made of.” These words alone have taken me so far and I am truly indebted to Keith and very thankful to him for his words of wisdom.
    Robbie Terry
    Chief Financial Officer, Atlanta, GA
  • Lakeisha Tutt
    Keith’s presentation at our Black Employee Network’s “Position Yourself for Success” Seminar was outstanding! We received numerous notes and emails on the effective delivery of Keith’s content material in which he focused on the importance of mentoring and being mentored... I am confident that as a direct result of his presentation, the number of volunteer mentors in our “Mentor Me” program has nearly doubled!
    Lakeisha Tutt
    Hewlett Packard Company
  • Michele Bosh
    Thank you again for your invaluable insight, engagement with all of our people, and your passion for others' success. There were a lot of takeaways that we will carry forward to continue our mission of equal representations in all levels of our business.
    Michele Bosh
    Enterprise Holdings
  • Deena Rembert-Neason,
    Keith absolutely met, and in some instances exceeded, our expectations. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive for both the keynote event and the follow-up workshop. Our employees appreciated his candor, personal story, and the practical tools and tips he was able to share.
    Deena Rembert-Neason,
    Dr Pepper Snapple Group
    Keith was dynamic, compelling, and on point with his presentation, causing several moments where the audience's clapping required him to pause, before jumping back into the message. At the end, he brought the audience to their feet. Keith was clearly the right choice to close out our conference, and to re-energize the leaders.
  • Ameriprise Financial
    Participants appreciated hearing from an executive outside the firm that demonstrated awareness of how change has impacted organizations in different industries. Participants felt that Keith was 'dynamic' and appreciated his 'straight talk' in terms of how leaders should manage those that don't adapt well to change.
    Ameriprise Financial

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